Frequently Asked Questions


Write me an email at I check it every day (Mon-Fri: 8.00-14.00 CET). We can also arrange a conversation, i.e. via Skype, but preffered first contact is by email.

I make sure that all the most important arrangements are written down, that's why the main form of communication during the project is e-mail. In writing, you will also receive from me details of the project implementation, including the exact scope of the project and price before starting work.
I know that sometimes it is easier to discuss something in a casual conversation than in emails, so if necessary we can talk on Skype or even in Wroclaw.


By bank transfer, preferably SEPA transfer. All necessary data will be visible on the invoice.

Payment is charged in advance. The work on the project begins after posting the transfer on my account. For larger projects, we usually split payments into several parts - for individual project milestones.

Yes. For larger projects, we set prices for individual milestones and thus distribute payments. After receiving the payment I than can start working. After its completion, I issue an invoice for the next stage. After receiving the payment, I start work and the same for each subsequent agreed milestone of project work.

Yes of course. I always issue an invoice for the data you provide. The invoice will also contain all the necessary information to make a payment.

No. You will also receive an invoice when you do not run a business. It will contain your name, surname and address.

My invoices are VAT exempt, so the prices given are the full amount (without having to add VAT or deduct VAT).

The Process

I always involve the client in the design process. At the next stages of work, I will share project proposals with you and discuss them together.
I share design proposals via Dropbox in your project folder. Apart from me, only you have access to it by default. You can also share the entire folder or only individual files, e.g. with your colleagues or other people involved in the project.
A detailed description of the process you can find here:
Branding — This is the process Web Design — This is the process

We determine this before starting the project. If you want to have access to open files, tell me about it at the stage of determining the scope of the project. I then transfer the open files along with the other files at the finalization of the entire project or its milestone - never during the work on this file.

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