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What I offer

Visual side

Brand Identity

  • The concept of visual communication for your business (direction, style, selection of visual means)
  • Logo design in several variants (e.g. color and monochrome, vertical and horizontal version as well as for light and dark background)
  • The color palette and patterns
  • Choice of typefaces
  • A set of graphics (illustrations / photos) that are part of your new visual identity
  • Design of marketing materials of your choice
  • Brand Book - a guide to your new visual identity

Technical side

Files you will receive

  • Logo in all variants as JPG, PNG, PDF and AI files
  • Fonts as separate files
  • Graphics (illustrations / photos) as high resolution files (whenever possible also as vector files)
  • Designs of selected marketing materials as ready-to-use files (in a format appropriate for the context in which they will be presented, e.g. social media, website, printing)
  • Brand Book in PDF format

Prices start from 850 €

This is the process

  1. 1

    At first we will identify your target market.

    We will address the message to them. We will also specify what you want to offer them and how your brand should be perceived. This information will form the basis for determining the visual direction in which we will go.

  2. 2

    It's time for logo design.

    At the first stage, I will prepare several designs for you. Then we will discuss proposals and choose one, making modifications if necessary. There is no limit of corrections, we continue until a logo that meets your expectations and brand needs is created.

  3. 3

    The logo is ready, we can now begin working on a consistent visual identity.

    At this stage, I will present you with examples of selected marketing material. This will give you a much better idea of how your brand identity will look like than the color palettes and fonts presented separately. As with the logo, we continue working based on your feedback.

  4. 4

    It's time for the design of all marketing materials consistent with the chosen visual direction.

    At this stage marketing materials established at the beginning will be created. All styles, typefaces, color palettes and graphics that make up the visual identity will be collected and described in the Brand Book, which you will receive along with other files after completing the project.

  5. 5

    After accepting the project I give you all the files.

    It's time to delight your customers! You already have ready-to-use marketing materials and a Brand Book. Thanks to them, your visual communication will become consistent and will work for your business.

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