Karolina Kara

UI/UX Designer

Hi, My name is Karolina Kara
I am UI/UX designer

I care about the comfort and good experience of users. I design products for people as they are sometimes busy, overloaded with information, not reading long strings of text and click the first, most visible button.

I don't accept the "You should have read" argument.
It should have been designed better.

Unless misleading the user was your nefarious goal...

I dream of redesigning all official forms that make you feel like a fool, not knowing how to correctly fill out the form with information you already know ;)


I graduated in Graphic Design from the PoznaƄ University of Arts. Apart from designing, I draw, paint and photograph.
I ran my own company for 5 years, creating visual identifications, websites and applications for clients from various corners of the globe. You can see my portfolio from this period here.

Over time, my interests increasingly focused on interface design and user experience. As a result, since autumn 2020, I have been working exclusively as a UI/UX Designer (currently at Gigaset).

From time to time I also write articles about design. You will find them, among others, on my blog (Polish language only).