Visual Identity

I run a business and it needs a new identity

If you’re just starting your new business it’s right moment to take care of its visual identity!

If you already run company but your existing branding doesn’t really look and work well, don’t worry! I can make new one for you as well.

    What do you get?

  • - Unique logo design
  • - Concept of general style
  • - Selection of fonts
  • - Color scheme
  • - Company materials of your choice (i.e. business cards, stationery, facebook banner, and more)

It’s a great start! Contact me and let’s talk about your new visual identity.

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Web Design

I have a brand, I need a new place in web

If you need website for your brand or event I’ll create it for you from scratch.

Do you have website but it doesn’t bring you new customers? I can redesign your website or create new one for you.

    What do you get?

  • - Entire website design including header, menu, footer, frontpage and subpages
  • - Clear, effective layout which leads users to the goal
  • - A consistent collection of styles which can be used to expand website in future
  • - Server-side implementation *
  • * Check what kind of websites I can code for you

Contact me and let’s talk about details.

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Company Materials

I have a brand, I need consistent materials

If you already have visual identity and you need new company materials I will gladly create for you designs that:

  • - fit your exising company identity
  • - attract your customers
  • - are based on clear layout, easy to use

    What kind of materials can you get?

    Large variety of them, for example:
  • - Flyers
  • - Folder/business proposal
  • - Business cards and stationery
  • - Social media banners
  • - Gift cards
  • - Magazines
  • . . . and much more

Contact me, tell me what materials do you need and let’s get started.

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Get design for your brand

Contact me to get started with amazing project for your brand!

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