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Not sure
how to start?

Not sure how to start?

I assume you land here because you know that graphic design is necessary for creating professional and attractive look for brand and you need someone who will make it for you.

But are you aware that beautiful look is not enough?

It can’t just look pretty, it needs to be consistent with the characteristics of your brand, understandable and easy to use for your customers/users.

What’s the most important, truly professional designed materials lead user to the goal and are user-friendly in the same time.

That’s what I can do for you - create professional designs which look gorgeous and work great!

Contact me and let’s talk about your brand’s needs

Hi, I’m Karolina,
Graphic Designer based in Wrocław, Poland

I deal with Branding, Web Design and Editorial design. I work with clients around the world for single projects and long term cooperation.

I have masters degree on Graphic Design at the University of Arts in Poznań where I learned about importancy of user experience, technical aspects of making designs ready to use in print and combining graphic design with other arts.
I'm also interested in photography, painting and illustration.

Take a look at my portfolio

I’m Karolina,
Graphic Designer
based in Wrocław,